Excel crashes when you use Ultimate Suite

How to stop Excel from crashing: Reasons and solutions

The crash of Excel is one of the most annoying events that could arise while you are working. Unfortunately, it happens once in a while.

If you use Ultimate Suite and your Excel keeps on crashing, please try out the four solutions we offer on this page. In case none of them helps, please contact us right away.

Solution 1: Repair your Office

First of all, let's repair your Office:

  1. If you use Windows 10, go to the Start menu and click Settings:
    In the Start menu, click Settings.

    Tip. If you use other than Windows 10 versions, go to the Repair an Office application page, select your version and follow the instructions.
  2. Open Apps & features:
    Open Apps & features.
  3. In the list, find the Microsoft Office application and click the Modify button:
    Click the Modify button.
  4. In the dialog window, select the Online Repair option and click Repair:
    Online Repair.
  5. Confirm your readiness by clicking Repair again:
    Ready to start.
  6. When the repair is complete, restart your computer. Then open Excel and run any of the Ablebits utilities. If Excel crashes again, please try the solutions below.

Solution 2: Update your Office

If Office repair hasn't helped, the reason for the crash may be an older Office version, so:

  1. Update your Office, following the instructions:
    How to update your Office
  2. Restart your machine, run Excel, and start using Ultimate Suite tools.

    If Excel crashes again, try the solutions below.

Note. Ablebits does not support Office Insider and Windows Insider versions. Our add-ins may work on them, but we cannot guarantee the quality as it is out of our control.

To find out if you are using Office Insider, go to Excel - File - Account. If you are part of the Insider program, you will see it in the Product Information section:
You are signed up for Office Insider.
You can opt out of Office 365 Insider program.

Solution 3: Update your Ultimate Suite

Another reason is an outdated Ultimate Suite version and its incompatibility with the latest Microsoft updates. Take the following steps:

  1. Uninstall Ultimate Suite.
  2. Go to the Latest versions page, download and install the edition of Ultimate Suite you use.

Solution 4: Use the .NET Framework Repair Tool

  1. Download .NET Framework Repair Tool using the link: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2698555/microsoft-net-framework-repair-tool-is-available
  2. Select the files to download and click Next:
    Select all files to download.
  3. Run the NetFxRepairTool.exe file, check the I have read and accept the license terms box, and click Next:
    Check the I have read and accept the license terms box.
  4. You will see changes the tool recommends to make. Click Next to apply the changes:
    Recommended changes.
  5. When changes are made, click Finish:
    Changes complete.
  6. Restart your machine, run Excel, and use Ablebits tools to make sure Excel does not crash anymore.

Solution 5: If you use the Bitdefender antivirus, check the settings

If you use the Bitdefender antivirus, it may be the cause of the crash. Change the following antivirus settings to avoid this issue:

  1. Open the Bitdefender antivirus, find the ADVANCED THREAT DEFENCE tab, and click Settings:
    Bitdefender Protection Features.
  2. In the Advanced Threat Defendence window, make sure to turn off the Exploit detection option:
    Turn off Exploit detection.
  3. Close the antivirus, run Excel, and start Ultimate Suite.

Contact us

If you have tried all the described above solutions but Excel still crashes, please contact us at support@ablebits.com.

Please attach all log files next time Excel crashes. You can find them in the folder: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp\Ablebits
Simply copy this string to the Windows Explorer folder bar, zip all files, and email them us.

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