Tools for Outlook Express

For Windows Mail 6.X and Outlook Express 6.X.

Our Outlook Express add-ins can help you with the following tasks:

CC / BCC for Outlook Express e-mails

Auto BCC for Outlook Express rules

Auto BCC for Outlook Express & Windows Mail

Auto BCC / CC for Outlook Express & Windows Mail automatically sends blind carbon copies (BCC) and / or carbon copies (CC) of your outgoing e-mail messages.

The work of the tool is based on CC and BCC rules created by you. You can set one rule for all outgoing messages sent from all your e-mail accounts. Or, you can set a number of rules which will be applied only if specified conditions and exceptions are met. When creating the rule, you can use several key phrases for each condition and fill in the CC and BCC fields with multiple addresses.

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Free add-ins

Resend Message for Outlook Express & Windows Mail

Use this free plug-in for Outlook Express and Windows Mail to resend the original email message with a mouse click. Once you install the add-in, you will have a new option in the Message menu - "Resend message". You click on it and have the message opened for editing. You can resent your original e-mail as is, or make the required changes, then click the Send button and the e-mail is resent.

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