AutoFormat for Microsoft Excel PivotTables

New formats & templates for Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables

AutoFormat for PivotTables is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that enhances Excel's built-in feature of Pivot Table formatting.

  • Create, store and apply your own custom formats for PivotTables
  • Save a new format and use it as a format template for your other PivotTables
  • Template stores: Number formatting, Patterns, Alignment, Fonts

Complete support for:

AutoFormat for PivotTables vs. Excel built-in Format

As well as the built-in Excel AutoFormat, AutoFormat for PivotTables is designed for formatting Pivot Tables. But unlike the built-in Microsoft Excel AutoFormat, AutoFormat for PivotTables has some advanced features:

  • Creates and applies unique custom formats for Microsoft Excel PivotTables.
  • Doesn't change the layout of a PivotTable. You can be sure that fields are not moved between Pivot Table areas, and nothing is added to or removed from your Microsoft Excel table.
  • Allows you to apply several custom formats to one PivotTable in Microsoft Excel.
  • Enables you to group Microsoft Excel PivotTable formats to your liking.
  • Saves and restores the format of each Microsoft Excel PivotTable area (page, row, column, data fields), whenever the PivotTable layout is changed.
  • Exports format templates to other PCs.
  • Import custom format templates from other PCs.

How AutoFormat for Microsoft Excel PivotTables works

Auformat for PivotTables toolbar
  1. AutoFormat for PivotTables adds to your Excel a new toolbar with three buttons: Add Template, Apply Template, and Organize Templates Collection.
  2. When you select a cell within a Microsoft Excel PivotTable and click the Add Template button, AutoFormat for PivotTables gets the format of the selected PivotTable and stores it to Templates Collection.
  3. And then you can apply any of the created custom formats to your Microsoft Excel PivotTables via the Apply Template button.
  4. To organize your custom format collection you can use the Organize Templates Collection button. And that's it. :)

AutoFormat for PivotTables stores

AutoFormat for PivotTables works efficiently with Microsoft Excel PivotTables in the Tabular mode as well as in the Outline mode. It stores:

  • Number formatting
  • Patterns
  • Alignment
  • Fonts

AutoFormat for PivotTables just formats PivotTables. If you give the workbook that contains the PivotTable formatted by the AutoFormat for PivotTables add-in to somebody, do not worry. This table will have the same look as yours, regardless whether that person has AutoFormat for PivotTables installed or not.

We are constantly working on improving our algorithms and are looking forward to your comments and ideas, especially you suggestions on the schema of PivotTable format transfer. Once your idea is realized in AutoFormat for PivotTables, you will be given a free license and free upgrades for life.

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