Removing unwanted characters in Excel

How to remove special characters in Excel 2013-2003

Remove hidden characters from Excel cells

When you download a large database into Excel there can be thousands of unwanted characters to be removed like carriage returns or non-printing characters. Cell Cleaner for Excel will go through your list and delete all unwanted characters according to the settings you select.

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  1. Expand the Remove unwanted characters section by clicking on the arrows next to the second tab on the Cell Cleaner pane in Excel. To remove characters select the range with the cells that contain values you want to delete.
    Open Remove unwanted characters section by clicking on the arrows
  2. Choose the option that suits your task. You can select one of these five options:
    • Remove non-printing characters - delete all non-printing characters like line breaks, the first 32 nonprinting characters in the 7-bit ASCII code (values 0 through 31) and additional nonprinting characters (values 127, 129, 141, 143, 144, and 157); Select this option to remove line breaks and non-printing characters
    • Remove numeric characters - delete all digits from the selected cells Select this option to delete digits from the cells
    • Remove text characters - delete all letters from your cells; Select this option to delete letters from the cells
    • Remove symbols and punctuation marks - this option removes all punctuation marks in the selected range as well as the following symbols: mathematical, geometric, technical and currency symbols, letterlike symbols such as ?,¹, and ™. Select this option to delete special symbols and punctuation marks
    • Remove custom characters - This option will remove special characters in Excel. If you have several characters that you need to delete from your range and you don't want to repeat this routine operation several times, just enter each character you need to delete into Remove custom characters field.
      Select this option to change case of the text in the range
  3. Click the Run button to enjoy quick results.

Thus you can clean your data in Excel and remove all kinds of symbols - from unwanted or forbidden characters to non-printing characters and line breaks.

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